Some Common Beginner Golfer’s Mistakes

Golf is a hard game to play well, no matter how much experience you have. Even those who have been playing for their whole lives can have trouble keeping their mechanics in order, making good decisions, and handling the pressure that they feel. When you are a beginning golfer, it can seem like there are far too many things to remember, and it seems like something is always going wrong.

The only way to get better is to stick with it and gain experience with each shot that you hit. Below are a few of the common mistakes that beginning golfers often make – keep them in mind during your next round, and hopefully you can start to avoid them more often than not.

  • Swinging too hard. Everyone wants to hit the ball farther, and the normal reaction is to swing as hard as possible to make that happen. Distance is more a product of good mechanics and technique than it is of swinging hard, so try to slow yourself down and focus on the basics. When you start to make quality swings with good balance and tempo, you will probably be surprised to see how far the ball can travel.
  • Hitting driving too often. It is fun to hit your driver off the tee – but it is even more fun to find your ball in the fairway hole after hole. Use your discretion on the tee and pick a club less than a driver when the fairway is narrow or there are hazards to be avoided. It is okay to give up some distance on your tee shots from time to time if you are rewarded with improved accuracy.
  • Always aiming at the flag. When you are getting ready to hit an approach shot into the green, it is important to remember that the flag itself doesn’t always have to be your target. For example, if the hole is located dangerously close to a sand trap or a water hazard, it is a good decision to aim safely away from the hole to the bigger part of the green. You might not make as many birdies this way – but you can avoid more double bogeys by keeping your ball away from the hazards. Patience is one of the keys to playing good golf, but that is often a hard lesson for beginners to learn.