Five Most Challenging Shots in Golf

You don’t need to be told how hard the game of golf can be. If you are a golfer, even if you have only played a few rounds, you already know just how challenging this game is. Within a round of golf, however, some shots are more difficult than others. This article offers five of the most challenging shots in golf, in no particular order. When you are able to successfully handle most, or all, of these tough shots, you will be a better golfer for it.

  • Long bunker shot. Playing out of a greenside bunker isn’t all that difficult, unless you have to hit the shot a long distance across the green to reach the hole. When that is the case, the shot becomes much more difficult to play properly. Avoiding situations where you have to hit a long bunker shot is the best strategy when at all possible.
  • Short putt. What might seem like one of the easiest shots on the course – a short putt – is actually one of the most challenging because of the pressure you can put on yourself to make it. Nerves often get in the way on a short putt, and can make a seemingly easy task a scary one for even an accomplished golfer.
  • Downwind approach shot. It is fun to hit a drive downwind and watch it soar far down the fairway. However, when you get ready to hit an approach shot with that same tailwind, it can be a totally different story. Getting the ball to stop quickly on the green with wind behind you is a challenge, and even short wedge shots can become much more difficult. Learning to control your trajectory and hit lower shots is important when dealing with this situation on the course.
  • Long carry over water. There is something inherently intimidating about hitting a long shot that has to carry water the whole distance. Just looking at the target and seeing water between you and the hole is something that can get into your head and change the way you make your swing.
  • Uphill approach shot. Judging the distance correctly is the most-important part of hitting a good approach shot, and that job is made much more difficult when the shot is significantly uphill. In addition, you won’t have a very good view of your target, putting further questions in your mind as you get ready to make a swing.