Where to Go on a Week-Long Golf Break in Portugal

There are a number of options for golfers that want to visit Portugal for a golf break. Since Portugal is considered of the top golf capitals in the world, it comes down to choosing your destination based on personal interests and golf experience. You can find golf courses to play that are suitable for your skills and your wallet. You may want to find options based on accommodations and activities. If you intend to spend a whole week in Portugal you want to enjoy your experience to the fullest. Here are some ideas to help you make your final decision on where to go for a week long golf break in Portugal.


The coast area of Lisbon offers great options including hotels, golf resorts and private golf courses. This area is known for offering some of the best options for golf Portugal has to offer. Golf enthusiasts have listed at least 2 golf courses from this area and included them in their list of top 100 golf courses in Europe. Visitors can visit a number of courses close to their living quarters, even if they are at golf resort featuring its own course. If you enjoy ocean views the Lisbon area golf courses present beautiful ocean and beach views. A number of golf courses throughout the region have 4 and 5 star reviews.


Algarve hosts a number of golf clubs, golf resorts and legendary golf courses with unique history. For a number of avid golfers this area has become a tradition for them to spend their golf holiday each year. The climate in this area is perfect all year round, so you can chose to book your break when you are ready. There are often package deals available with affordable rates and good discounts. A number of professional golfers enjoy playing here and several Master’s golf tournaments have been hosted here. The regions of Vilamoura and Faro offer great golf options.


The Madeira region in Portugal offers a limited number of golf courses, but don’t let this element fool you. These courses are beautiful in scenery and offer plenty of adventure and challenges. They offer affordable golf holiday packages that make it easier for you to spend a week in Portugal. You can enjoy playing golf in the valley on an island. This area has also hosted a number of championship golf tournaments at golf courses with 5 star ratings.