Golf Holidays In Portugal: Top 5 Courses In The Golden Triangle

Central Algarve has been dubbed the ‘Golden Triangle’ because it is a beach location hub for excellent golfing for men, and loads of shopping facilities for women. There are five notable courses in the Golden Triangle which will be described here. They are not only notable for their design, but also because of their location. So if your partner isn’t into golf as much as you are, bring her along anyway and let her shop around while you work on your game.

The Vale de Lobo Royal golf course

This course is often referred to simply as, The Royal. It is a combination of two courses which have been merged together to form one. Pine trees and a beautiful lake characterize the scenery—as well as offer a challenge to all golfers who play here.

Quinta do Lago North and South

These two courses are ever popular. Both courses pose a substantial challenge and yet are stunning in feel and scenery.

The South side of the course is a bit tricky the first time round, but once you’ve played it, you’ll do better the next time, that’s because it has various directional options to choose from, one of which will render you hopelessly frustrated. Most of the holes on this course are difficult to strategize, so take your time before making your final decision.

Said by some to be slightly easier than its sister course, Quinta do Lago North is certainly more of a looker. The scenery matches the warm weather with blue lakes and neat pine tree rows. As mentioned, the course is considered to be a bit easier, but should not be underestimated.


This course opened to the public in 2009 and has become a keen favourite among the locals and tourists. It has never claimed to be an easy course, but what’s the fun in that anyway? Enjoy the challenge of narrow fairways, but don’t forget to stop and admire the awesome scenery too.

San Lorenzo

The location of this course forms part of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve which says a lot about the type of magnificent scenery you can expect. It’s still a favourite champion course and many professionals return here to play one of the most classic courses you will ever try.