Is Summer the Best Season to Play Golf?

Many people associate golf with summertime, kind of like BBQ and a backyard picnic. These things just naturally pair well with the summertime. However, summer may not necessarily be the best time of year to golf golfing. Here are some reasons why.

Course Conditions: In the summertime, many golf courses suffer from excessive heat and overplay. You may find that those pristine fairways and greens that were present during the spring are now dry and hard. There is evidence of many divots, cart track marks, and trampled down areas. At the same time, winter or late fall are not great times of year as well due to the colder temperatures, frost, and frozen grounds. Spring would be the best time of year to golf when it comes to course conditions.

Local Nuisances: In the summer you may encounter some unwanted pests in many areas. Black flies, mosquitoes, and other pests make golfing not as appealing to be out in the sun and on the course. There are many more ducks and geese making your walk on the course a battle of not stepping in unwanted excretions from these and many other birds. Regardless of the time of year, there will always be nuisances that make your golfing experience less pleasurable. With temperatures just starting to get warm in the spring yet on the other hand are just starting to get cooler in the fall, there aren’t as many “pests” hanging around making both of these seasons ideal for golfing.

Crowds: Golf courses may be more crowded giving way to slower play. This is especially true for weekends, holidays, and high-play weekday times. At the start of the golf season it tends to be more crowded. After that initial rush however, there is very little problem with high crowd volumes. Since summer is the busiest time of year for the golfing season, spring and fall make the best seasons for golfing.

Rates: Since summer is the “high” season for golfing, rates tend to be higher with little opportunities to find discounts. Playing during the off-season in spring and fall will help you enjoy a less crowded and much more affordable golfing experience.

Promotions: Since the summertime is also a very popular time of year to hit the beach, amusement parks, local pools, and especially golfing, promotions are few and far between. In the spring and fall you will see many promotions where you can play as many holes as you want for the price of 18 holes or even two-some Tuesdays where you get two rounds of golf for the price of one. Spring and fall will pose to be the best time of year if you are looking for great promotions on playing a few rounds of golf.

There are many other factors that can either prove or disprove that summer is the best time of year. While the summer heat can get to some golfers, it may be the perfect setting for other golfers. For those that don’t mind the rates or nuisances or even the heat then summer will be an ideal season for golfing.