7 Things To Know If You're Searching For A Golf Villa In Algarve

The Algarve has a well-developed tourist infrastructure that has grown as the popularity of the area has grown. The climate, sea and cuisine are major attractions and the development of golf has added to the numbers looking at this part of Portugal. There is accommodation of all kinds to satisfy every budget. One type of accommodation that golfers might well consider is a private villa. Investors have seen the demand for such rental property because it provides a family or group with independence. They may actually stay in and cook the odd evening but with so many good local restaurants why would that be a regular occurrence?

When it comes to deciding on villa accommodation there are a number of factors to understand:

  • One of the first decisions you need to make is one of size; how many are in your party?

  • There is a difference between renting a villa and pool within its own grounds and renting on a complex with communal facilities. The latter is not greatly different from staying in a hotel except it lacks the service associated with a hotel though the complex is likely to have maintenance staff associated with it for most of the year, certainly the peak periods of usage.

  • You probably need to be prepared to rent vehicles in order to get around in general and especially to your golf course each day.

  • There will be more choice in the most popular towns and you should be happy to select one of those as your base.

  • That should be no great sacrifice because that will give you the widest selection of restaurants and nightlife.

  • Villa owners are likely to have fixed days for arrival and departure; they may have less flexibility if you are looking for a long weekend for example.

  • There should be few risks in renting a villa as opposed to hotels but there may be less security from an insurance perspective so you should be clear about what you are booking and the implications of something going wrong.

There are a number of things to think about when organising a holiday abroad, certainly a golfing holiday and perhaps one of the best ways to proceed is to make contact with a company specialising both in the Algarve and in golf to see exactly what is available.