What to Do Before Playing Golf: Some Useful Stretching Exercises

Just because golf isn’t as athletically demanding as some other sports doesn’t mean that you can just walk up to the first tee and expect to play your best. If you are serious about playing good golf, you want to get your body ready to go so you can make quality swings right from the start of the round. This includes getting your muscles warmed up and prepared to play golf. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes to warm up your body so that it is ready for the course.

Use the tips below to get ready before your next round and you just might get off to a better start than you are expecting.

  • Take advantage of the driving range. If the course you are playing offers a driving range, you should take advantage and hit some balls before you head out to play. Hitting balls is a great pre-round stretching exercise because it uses the exact muscles that you are going to use on the course. To start, hit some wedges at about half speed to gentle warm up your golf muscles. As you start to feel better, slowly add speed and hit longer clubs until you are making your full swing.
  • Stretch your legs. The lower body is vital to a good golf swing, so make sure yours is prepared to help you hit quality shots. Some simple leg stretches, such as reaching down toward your toes to stretch your hamstrings, are an easy way to prepare for the round. With any stretch, make sure to do it gently and not move too quickly in any direction. Also, don’t bounce up and down when you stretch – just hold the stretch steady for a few seconds.
  • Stretch your torso. In addition to your legs, the torso is important to make a full turn in your swing and hit shots with all of your potential power. Do some gentle twisting stretches that engage your core muscles. This can be done before you hit the range balls, but be sure to take it easy at first until you start to get warmed up. If any one part of your body isn’t warmed up, it can affect your swing as a whole because all of the moving parts of the swing are connected and rely on each other.