Why do so many players choose to play golf in Portugal?

Portugal is considered one of the best golfing destinations in the world. With the many professional championship golf clubs you have to choose from, Portugal is every golfer’s paradise. Aside from the variety of courses the temperatures provide for excellent golfing weather and the rates are pretty reasonable.

The temperatures in the Algarve area of Portugal range between 64o to 75o F all year round. Humidity is relative mild to low making for an excellent golfing experience. There is enough rainfall all year round providing plenty of moisture to keep the fairways green and the greens soft enough for you to get that shot. Because of the mild weather, it not only keeps the course in amazing condition but also provides for excellent scenery throughout the entire country.

Another amazing asset is that the golf courses in Portugal, particularly in the Algarve, have extremely affordable rates. Since many of the natives don’t golf, the courses are less crowded leaving more golfing opportunities for golfing enthusiasts. Golf packages to Portugal include flight, hotel accommodations, many golfing opportunities, and car rental for both long and short stays. Many people living in Europe and North America choose to spend their winter here because of the weather and the variety of beautiful golf courses. Golf vacation packages can be purchases in options of a two, four, or six month stay and are extremely affordable.

In the Algarve itself you can play on one of over 40 golf courses that are ranked at the top of the list of the best golf courses. The courses are exceptionally managed and provide some of the most amazing sights while enjoying playing a round or two of golf. Along the coast in the Lisbon region, golfers will experience tropical, desert-like landscaping on some of the newest and most challenging courses. You will see amazing scenery of the gorgeous hills as well as the city and its amazing architectural masterpieces.

Many golfers flock to Portugal to not only play on the best courses in the world but to play on championship golf courses that have hosted some of the most prestigious golf tournaments. Whether you are an amateur golfer or an extremely experienced golfer, Portugal offers many challenging golf courses that will provide a challenge to golfers of any skill level. Not only can you play on courses with some of the most amazing views, you will be challenged to the fullest when you play on any of the courses in Portugal.