10 Basic Rules for Your First Round of Golf

Playing your first round on the course can be exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Remembering a few basic rules can help you understand the game better, while improving chances of making a few shots. Consider the following points to help you get started.

  1. Know the importance of proper equipment. There are rules as far as how many clubs you can carry in your bag and you should have a good amount of balls and tees.
  2. When you reserve tee time be sure to follow through accordingly. It helps to show up early and make it in advance. If you miss your tee time you may need to wait for other golfers to complete their rounds.
  3. Follow dress codes accordingly. Collared golf shirt and khaki shorts/pants are common options acceptable.
  4. Know the proper way to tee off. Notice location of tee markers and where they should be placed on the court.
  5. When you begin playing rounds the player with “honors” will go first. You may decide who will go first when beginning each round via random selection. Then, as you move to the next hole, the player with the best score goes first.
  6. Wherever the ball lies play it. This basically means where the ball lands you should play it without touching it. Only pick up the ball when you are allowed based on golf rules.
  7. If you play a ball that is out of bounds this is a provisional ball. Sometimes you can lose a ball in a lake or wooded area, which may be treated as a provisional ball. Strike-plus-distance is the penalty for a ball out of bounds, meaning your score card would be marked with an additional stroke. A provisional ball basically means to hit a second ball.
  8. Maintain a steady pace. This is usually a problem on the course since you can’t always predict what will happen. It is part of proper golf etiquette to keep the pace going as you make your rounds to keep other golfers from waiting. You should know which club to use ahead of time before reaching your next hole.
  9. Understand significance of water hazards and try to avoid playing a ball in the water. They should be clearly marked on the course.
  10. Know your part in being responsible and safe on the course. Follow rules accordingly, especially with course care and golf cart use.