How To Get The Most Out Of Your Golfing Holidays In Portimao

Portimao in Portugal is a golfing destination that includes many other awesome activities. The weather is predominantly sunny and hot and adding to this the marvellous beaches in the region, promises to provide a holiday that’s conducive to valuable family time, as well as great golfing.

Take note of the climate

Bear the weather in mind when you plan to visit Portimao. Yes, the golfing is excellent and chances are you will want to spend hours on the golf course; but there are other benefits to the weather too. Cycling, bike tours, and hiking are just some of the activities offered in Portimao. The weather allows these activities to be done at a whim so consider adding these to your holiday schedule when planning your vacation there.

Define your perfect night out

The nightlife in Portimao is buzzing. If you enjoy a night of entertainment, then the various casinos must be added to your schedule. There are dance shows, concerts, and of course gambling hotspots. Portimao also hosts several festivals on an annual basis and finding out when these festivals are taking place is a good idea before booking your visit.

Water, water, and more water

Sailing, boat tours, diving, snorkelling, and more. Portimao has some of the most popular beaches in Europe and you’d better start thinking about which activity you want to take part in when you get there. In fact, some of the courses you’ll be playing on will have these beaches in view, making them hard to resist when your game is done.

Amazing golf course

This little destination also offers golfing at its best. The weather is of course one of the main reasons it is such a popular golfing hot spot, but the courses are world class and will add the cherry on top of your holiday. Do a bit of research on the golf courses available nearby to where you’re staying and be sure to try out as many as you can fit in.

If you have never been to Portimao for a golf holiday then it’s a must-add to your list of destinations. Unwind at your resort and work on your game. Be sure to bring the family along—they won’t be bored. You also won’t be surprised at why thousands from all over the world choose Portimao as their golfing destination year after year.