Preparing to Take a One Week Golf Vacation Abroad

So you are planning a week-long vacation to play golf in another country? Great! Some of the best golf memories are made while on vacation playing new courses in beautiful locations. If you have never taken a vacation to play golf before, the experience is one that you are likely to remember for many years to come. Once you have picked out your destination and booked your accommodations, you can relax and look forward to a wonderful golf experience.

As the trip gets closer, use the list below to get prepared properly for the vacation –

  • Get your game ready. It is a good idea to make time to at least visit the driving range a couple times ahead of your trip. If you are able to play a round of golf or two, that would even be better. There are many different muscles that get involved in the golf swing, and they could fatigue and become sore if you haven’t used them recently before golfing everyday on your vacation. Plan to get out to your local golf course at least a couple times before the trip so you can be better prepared for all of the golf you are going to play.
  • Pack wisely. You want to be sure to have all of the right pieces of clothing to keep you comfortable out on the course. Check ahead of time to see what the weather is supposed to be like during your stay, and plan accordingly. Remember that even if the weather is forecast to be warm during the day, it could still be cool in the mornings when you get your rounds started – so pack an extra layer to keep warm before temperatures start to rise.
  • Make all necessary travel arrangements. You want to get your travel arrangements in place as soon as possible so there is no confusion as to how you will get from one place to another. Assuming you are flying to your destination, you will then need to decide if you are going to rent a car to get to the resort, or take another mode of transportation. Whatever you decide to do, make those plans ahead of time so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. Traveling with golf clubs along with your regular luggage is a little bit more work, so take that into consideration while putting together your travel plan.