A Key to the Perfect Golf Left Hand Grip

When working on your grip to improve your golf swing, it is really the left hand grip that needs the most attention (for a right-handed golfer). The left hand controls the club face throughout the swing, so getting your left hand in the correct position can help you to control the club head and make sure it is placed squarely on the back of the ball. The right hand, while important, can just be added to the grip once the left hand is in position. As long as the right hand is comfortable, and the left hand is in a good position, the grip should be in good shape.

Thumb Slightly to the Right of Center

When you place the left hand on the grip and you look down at the club, your thumb should be riding just to the right of center on the top of the grip (as looking down from above). If your hand is turned too far to the left (a ‘weaker’ grip), it may be hard to release the club and you may find the result to be lots of weak shots out to the right. When you have too ‘strong’ of a grip, with your hand turned to the right, the hands can become too active and flip the club face closed at impact. With the thumb positioned just to the right of the top of the grip, you should be in the right middle-ground to make a good swing.

Light Grip Pressure

Regardless of what position your left hand takes on the club, it is essential that you don’t apply too much pressure to the grip. A tight grip inhibits swing speed and can cost you valuable yardage. On the driving range, make some practice swings with a lighter grip to feel how the club can move quickly through impact when you aren’t squeezing too tight. Obviously, you need to hold on tight enough to maintain control of the club, but it shouldn’t be much tighter than that. It might take some time to get comfortable swinging with a lighter grip pressure, but it will be worth your effort in the end.

The left hand grip is an important element of the swing, so take enough time to get yours in a comfortable position that you can repeat time after time. There might not be much exciting about practicing your grip, but you will be glad you did if you see your scores start to fall.