The Top 5 Best New Golf Courses In Portugal

Let us all be honest now, the best golfing conditions are usually in places like Portugal. The reason for that is because it is always warm and dry (just think it is always cold and wet in the U.K.!). If you are ever looking to take a break and play the game, then Portugal should certainly be on the top of your list.

You might be thinking where you should go and what golf courses would fit you. Worry not, because this guide is written just for you so that you would gain a general idea of some of the best courses in Portugal.

The top-5 list would be as follow:

  • Monte da Quinta Resort
  • Pestana Viking Resort
  • Boavista Golf Resort
  • Four Seasons Fairways
  • Blue & Green The Lake Spa Resort

Okay this list is compiled just for your reference. They are selected based on a few factors. The first being their golf course. The conditions are always maintained to a top standard and you will not be disappointed. The last thing you want for your holiday would be to play on a rubbish course and you can’t even enjoy yourself. Well don’t worry, the turf here is fascinating and the courses are well designed! Each hole will leave you a unique but memorable experience. This is exactly what you expect from these top quality courses, right? Just enjoy your day and that’s all you have to do. Remember though, these courses could be rather difficult at times, so you must be able to adapt to different situations with your game!

Second, their business nature: as you may be aware, they are all golf resorts. That means you can do other things as well during your stay! You could go to the spa with the family and relax your body or alternatively, you could just go to the swimming pool and have fun there! The possibilities are seemingly endless and you can basically do whatever you want in a resort. Let’s be honest, the game really gets to us all the time when we are playing bad, so we definitely need some time off!

Obviously, if you are keen on taking a break, then Portugal should be a place that you have to consider. The golf there is just fantastic and you will certainly not regret your decision. Just bring your family along and you will have fun!