Developing a powerful driving game in 4 steps

Developing a powerful driving game in golf will take plenty of rounds on the course. You can tackle this by coming up with a simple plan that will help you focus on what you need to do get the ball to travel further. When you want to improve drive distance think about essential elements necessary such as the right equipment, stance, grip pressure, and how you address the ball. These elements will help you create the best way to develop your game within 4 steps. Here is a general idea of what you can create for your next round of golf when you want to increase power for your driving game.

  1. Know the right equipment needed to help you get the job done. This will help you understand how to get the ball in the air and help you get in the right position. Drivers at 7 or 8 degrees may help. Professionals may use 9 or 10 degree drivers.
  2. Know the position you need to be in before making your shot. Your leading foot should match the position of the ball. Your weight should move forward as you make your backswing. Good grip pressure is important. Try to avoid gripping too hard and your hands should not have tension in them. If you are holding onto your club too tightly you will not have as much power being released to the ball.
  3. Don’t hurry your backswing so you can build your speed naturally. This will help your body build speed toward the ball when your club reaches it. As you do this your club (driving wood) should stay flat. Meaning, you should have an even plane your club travels on as you get ready to hit the ball. If you move your club out of place it may pop the ball upward. A similar reaction is like when a missile is shot into the air.
  4. Your leading hand should be at an angle as you swing your club. Meaning, as you stand with the club in your hand, you leading hand leans toward the position of the ball when you downswing. This ensures you make solid contact. Have your eyes fixed on the target on the ground as you address the ball. When you complete your swing it should come over your left shoulder or right shoulder (depending on your leading hand).