Expert golf help: how to do solid strikes

Solid strikes can be a challenge when you don’t have an idea which approach or strategy to use. It often takes a considerable amount of practice to understand your level of ability and possible changes you need to make. Having the right club and the ability to visualize the shot being made can be a few areas to help you get started. There are also a few drills to consider that can help you understand how to use your club so you make solid strikes. The following points offer additional insight on how to do solid strikes.

  • Know your swing path. Many expert golfers actually spend time understanding their swing path. This helps you understand your target line and how to swing to stay within the limit.
  • Consider drills to help you keep your body and posture uniform. There are professional golfers that share tips on what they do to help them stay within their target line to improve their striking ability. For instance, you could put an object under your armpit while you swing. Try to keep the object there while you swing. This gives an idea of how your hands and arms work to help you swing, but you notice you have to keep them in unison to keep the object from falling under your arm.
  • Pay attention to your setup, how you address the ball and your backswing. The position of the ball also plays a vital role in setting up your strike. These elements are important when it comes to trajectory of the ball and distance control. The ball should be directly below your chest as you hold your club. As you get ready to swing everything should move back together to help you create your path (with a good form your hands and club should go back to create the path it will take as you swing forward into your backswing).
  • Know the effect of your downswing. If you are able to hold a good position at the top before you swing, you should be able to hold your position once you have completed the swing moving forward. In doing so you try to hit the ball as hard as possible while keeping your balance.
  • Keep the technique simple but remember basic components that will make a difference for your outcome. Keep your grip down with the ball being closer to you as you stand and focus. Three-quarter shots are also helpful in maintaining good timing.