7 Golf Tips That Can Help You Use Your Hybrid Club Effectively

Hybrid golf clubs help you hit the ball with better contact surface. The club has more weight in the club head and its face is wider. It hits with the feel of different clubs including long irons and woods. The hybrid club helps players play with better control especially when going into the upswing. But players tend to play the hybrid as if it is a typical club when there are certain things you need to keep in mind for better performance. Here are 7 tips to help you play with your hybrid more effectively.

  1. Avoid placing the ball too far forward in your stance. If you place the ball too far forward in your stance you may end up missing the ball or you may not get enough power behind the shot to get it where you want to go. In some cases the player ends up hitting the ground before they hit the ball.
  2. As you swing go downward as you come into contact instead of hitting more upward to ensure good contact. This helps you make solid contact with the ball first instead of the ground. This shot may be a little tricky but it can be mastered with practice.
  3. Let the club work through the shot. The hybrid club has a lot going for it with its unique design. You may not have to incorporate as much physical energy into the shot as you would with a regular club. Because this club has more weight, consider controlling or limiting your backswing.
  4. As you position your ball make it left of center about 2 or 3 inches. This gives you a better shot at making clean contact with the ball and getting it into the direction you want with good trajectory.
  5. Be relaxed as you swing and keep it steady and slow. A relaxed swing helps in letting the club be in control of the shot.
  6. Know when to choke on the club. You get better results when you play certain shots such as a chip shot and you remain square throughout the shot.
  7. You can play your hybrid off the tee, but in some cases it may not be necessary. Think about shots that require good trajectory and high loft.