Tips for Keeping Score in Golf

Depending on your level of skill on the golf course, keeping score can be something of a challenge. After all, if you find yourself stuck in a tough spot and wind up needing a few swings to get out, it is tricky to remember all of your shots when you go to write down your score. As you get better, and take fewer shots to complete each hole, the task of keeping score should get easier and easier.

For now, you might need a couple tricks or tips in order to accurately record your score over the course of a round. Since keeping score is the only way to track your progress and see how you are doing compared to others, it is important that you are able to keep score accurately each round.

Write Down Your Score Each Hole

One of the easiest ways to have trouble with your scorecard is to let it fall behind. If you go a few holes without writing down your scores, it might get hard to remember how you did on each of them when you try to catch up on the card. As a rule of thumb, try writing down your score for the previous hole when you are standing on the next tee. If you make this a habit, you won’t ever be behind and it should be much easier to record an accurate score.

Use an App

If you would like to try a more high-tech approach to keeping score, download an app that allows you to enter scores for each hole as you play along. Many apps are available with this kind of function, and some of them even have the scorecards of popular courses available preloaded within the app. If not, you should be able to enter details like par and yardage so you can track your progress as the round goes. This is a nice option because it will do the math for you, and may even be able to keep score for everyone in your group.

Keep More Than One Card in the Group

If you are playing with a group of friends, have at least two people keep score during the round. This way, you can compare notes at the end of the round and make sure everything is accurate. If there is any discrepancy between the two cards, it won’t take long to look back on that hole and figure out which score is correct.