A Golf Guide for Beginners – Trajectory Control

Controlling the trajectory of your golf shots is something that most beginning golfers think is reserved for professionals – or at least experienced and accomplished amateurs. The fact is that it is never too early to work on controlling trajectory, because it is such a valuable skill to have on the course. When you have the ability to hit the ball both high and low on command, you will be much better prepared to deal with the variety of situations that may arise on the course.

Many players make the mistake of making trajectory control far too complicated. You don’t actually have to deviate from your regular swing very much to get a higher or lower ball flight when needed. With just a couple subtle adjustments, you might be amazed to see how varied your results can be.

Hitting It High

Being able to hit the golf ball way up into the air and have it stop quickly when it lands is a valuable skill when faced with a front hole location, or when the greens are firm and dry. To get the ball up into the air higher, you want to add as much backspin to your shot as possible. Make sure you are hitting down into the ball at impact and making clean contact so the clubface is able to do the job of imparting as much backspin as it can. That spin will hold the shot in the air and help it to climb higher and higher. As an additional benefit, the spin will also encourage the shot to stop quicker when it does land on the green.

Hitting It Low

This is where most players get tripped up. Since a low flying shot looks like it was hit very hard, many amateur golfers try to swing harder when going for a low punch shot. However, that harder swing adds backspin to the ball, which pushes it up into the air. Instead, you want to take a lower lofted club and swing a little bit easier to keep as much spin off of the ball as you can. This technique takes a little practice, so spend some time on the range working on your low shots until you get the feel of how it’s done.

With both a low and high trajectory at your disposal, you should be able to come up with just the right shot at the right time to avoid hazards and obstacles and keep your ball in good position.