The Hardest Part about Golf is Getting Started

When you first decide to learn how to play golf it may seem very overwhelming. You may have watched professionals on television or played miniature golf and maybe you have even read a few golf magazines. None of these things can prepare you for everything you will need to remember when learning the game of golf.

Choosing the Right Clubs

The first hurdle is knowing how to choose the right clubs. Don’t spend a lot of money on your first set of clubs. If you decide you don’t like the sport after a few lessons you will feel better knowing that you haven’t invested a ton of money. You have two options for your golf clubs. You can either buy a beginner set of clubs or rent a set of clubs at the golf course so you don’t have to buy a full set then have them sitting around your house if you decide you don’t like the game.

If you choose to buy a full set of beginner clubs there is a vast array of choices that await you. There are many irons, woods, and hybrids with features such as a stiff or flexible shaft that you need to learn about. Asking friends and other professionals on recommendations is difficult as they are faithful to their brand of golf clubs which may be too expensive and not the right fit for you.

Things to Remember that will Enhance your Learning Process of the Game

One thing to remember is that taking lessons will give you the basics and will lay the foundation for learning the game. Only use a certified instructor and disregard what your friends or family tell you. Invest in golf lessons so you get the correct information and are learning techniques the right way and not what fits other people.

The learning process with golf lessons is learning how to grip the golf club. Since there are several different types of grips your golf instructor will help you find one that fits you best and feels the most comfortable for you. Once you have found a comfortable grip you will learn the proper stance for hitting the ball. Your feet must be planted and situated in a specific way to make the most out of your swing which is the next thing your instructor will work with you on. As a beginner golfer, you probably haven’t come close to hitting the golf ball. It is extremely important that you solidify your grip, your stance, and your swing before you start hitting balls.

Learning the game of golf may get frustrating for you and you may feel overwhelmed at first. The key factor is to remember that it takes time to learn any sport or hobby. Take your time, learn the game properly, and listen to everything your golf instructor has to say.