How To Hit A Good Shot When The Ball Is Above Your Feet: Golf Tips

When the ball is above your feet in golf, most golfers would start to freak out and don’t know what to do. What they normally do is to try and hit the ball as if it’s lying flat on the ground. This would normally end badly – either a massive fat shot or a poor shank. Obviously, you would want to avoid it and here are just some tips for you when you are trying to hit a shot above your feet. It will guarantee a good shot.

Stand taller

It is rather important for you to stand a little taller when you are hitting a ball above your feet. The idea is to compensate for the fact that the ball is closer to you and you should try and create the gap that you have for a normal shot. This would help with the way you strike the ball and you would immediately find hitting the ball so much easier and crisper.

Grip down

Always remember to grip down when the ball is above your feet. It’s really about physics and as mentioned above, the ball is technically closer to your body, so you should shorten the club by gripping down. Not only would this increase the accuracy of the shot, it would give you more control of the club. That means even if there is some faults in the swing, you would be able to save it during your swing!

Don’t swing too hard at it

This is something that you should avoid. Swing the ball too hard when the ball is above your feet is almost sinful! It would almost always result badly and you should not do it. It could probably give you an extra 10 yards, but you are risking all different outcomes! You could hit it fat, thin or shank. Anything could happen. Don’t risk it and just stick with swinging the club smoothly.

Swing along the slope

Naturally, the swing path would be quite flat when the ball is above your feet. That’s certainly normal and just let your golf swing flow. Allow the path to be flat and don’t try to compensate for it. It would promote a little draw, so aim right if you are a right-hander. Having a flat swing here is not a problem and you don’t have to worry about it!