How to Save Money When Buying Golf Equipment

Buying your first set of golf clubs, along with all of the other accessories you need to play the game, can get a little bit expensive. If you are wanting to get started in golf, it is important that you find some good deals so you don’t have to invest too much upfront just to find out if you like the game. By purchasing more affordable gear first, you can always upgrade later if you decide you enjoy playing and want to get more serious about playing golf.

There are a few tips you can use to save some money and still put together a good quality set of clubs to use as you are learning to play.

  • Avoid the name brands. The top name brands that you see the professional golfers using on TV make great clubs - but they have big price tags to go along with them. If you avoid these brands and pick clubs from lesser-known companies, you can save as much as 50% or more. While the clubs won’t quite be of the same quality, they should be good enough to get you started. After you gain some experience and improve your skills, you can invest in name brand clubs if you so choose.
  • Buy used clubs. Thanks to the power of the internet, it is easy to find used clubs in many different price ranges. Shop around online, and even in your local golf shop, to see if you can pick up a set of used clubs on a discount. Again, this is a good way to get experience without spending too much money, and you can buy your own new set later on.
  • Only buy what you need. This might sound like obvious advice, but many new golfers go overboard and buy a bunch of things they don’t really need. Make sure you have a full set of clubs, a good bag, and comfortable shoes. Obviously, things like golf balls and tees are also needed - but don’t let a salesman at the golf store talk you into a whole bunch of other unnecessary items. Make a list of the essentials when you start shopping and only buy thing things that are on your list. This method will help you get started while saving some money - you can always add to your collection of golf goods later on if you find some things that you think will help your game.