What It Takes to Become a Great Pitcher: Golf Instructions

When it comes to posting the lowest results in golf, your pitching game is going to be vital. Pitching helps golfers get the ball in great putting positions. Once the ball is close enough to the hole, you will need a lower number of putts to get it into the hole. However, pitching is not as simple as it might seem. To get the ball right where you want it or close, you will need perfect execution. This is largely dictated by the set up position among other factors.

Here we will look at how you can have the perfect set up and flawless execution for pitching shots.

The Set Up:

  • First and foremost you will need to establish your target line. This line is directed to your target. Your body should be positions relative to the target line.
  • You will then need to position the club on the ground behind the ball. Note that you want the club to hit the ball squarely. This should be done with the legs closed. Once the club is in position it will act to guide your body set up.
  • It is important to note that the body line and target line for a pitching shot are not parallel as is the case with full backswing drives.
  • Your body’s stance should be, feet open, separated by shoulder width; the knees should be slightly bent and so should the waist. Keep the shoulders square. It is recommended that you keep your back straight by slightly pushing your back side outwards.

The Backswing

When executing the shot make sure that the backswing is perfect. This means that the shoulders should move with the arms producing a slight tilt in the hips. The club should be parallel to the ground level at the highest position of the backswing.

The Down Swing

Here you will want to ensure that the downswing is perfect as well. The shoulders, arms, waist and hips should all move together to keep the club in the target line and hit the ball squarely. One of the mistakes golfers make is to start their downswing before the backswing is done.


When the club makes contact with the ball, the left hand should remain flat; the arms should be ahead of the club and ball position and there should be no shift in weight as it would offset the alignment of the club.

Follow Through

After hitting the golf ball you should continue the club’s motion together with the body. Your belly button and belt buckle should face the target at the end of the follow through. Make sure that your weight does not shift.