A List of Tips to Help You Avoid 3-Putting While Playing Golf

Three putting is one of the most annoying mistakes to make during a round of golf. You can hit a beautiful drive, a great approach shot, and then spoil it by taking three putts to get in the hole. While you will never be able to totally eliminate three putt greens from your game, there are some steps you can take to reduce how frequently they occur. The little things add up when it comes to your golf score, so trying to reduce the number of times you three putt is a great chance to improve your average score.

Take a quick look at the following tips to help you avoid three putting in your next round:

  • Focus on speed rather than line. By far, poor speed control causes more three putts than does a poor line. When you are off with the line that you read, you could miss the hole by maybe a foot or so to the side. However, if you get the speed wrong on a long putt, you are likely to be 3’, 4’, 5’ or more away . Suddenly, your second putt gets much more difficult and you start to worry about three putting. When putting from a long distance, spend most of your time focused on getting the speed just right and you will be left with more manageable second putts.
  • Practice short putts. Even a good lag putter is going to leave themselves three or four footers from time to time. In order to have confidence in those putts, you need to practice them on a regular basis. Spend some time before each round sinking several short putts in a row to build your confidence and get ready to drain them on the course.
  • Don’t get too aggressive. Many three putts are caused by an aggressive first putt missing the hole and then missing the comebacker as well. If you are facing a downhill first putt, make sure to not get too aggressive and risk running several feet past the cup. Stay patient with your first putt and roll it gently up to the hole so it will be an easy tap in for the second putt. You still might be able to get the first one to fall in, but will be in good shape if it doesn’t.