How to Make a Perfect Chip Shot from an Upslope

Playing a good chip shot off of a perfect lie is something most golfers can handle with a little bit of practice – but perfect lies are hard to find on the golf course. Often, you will be faced with a challenging lie of one kind or another. Either you will have to deal with deep grass that grabs onto the club head, or you will be playing off of an uneven lie. The upslope lie where the ground is moving up toward the hole is one of the most difficult, but it can be conquered with some practice.

The next time you face a chip from an uphill lie, try using the following tips –

  • Lean back slightly. You want your shoulders to match the slope you are standing on, meaning you will need to lean back away from the target slightly. Usually when chipping you want to lean a little bit toward the target, but that will cause your chipping motion to be too steep when playing from this kind of lie. You aren’t going to want to lean significantly away from the target – just slightly to help set your shoulders even with the angle of the slope.
  • Adjust your landing spot. When you hit a chip shot from any kind of lie, you should always have a specific landing spot in mind that you are aiming for. When playing from an upslope, you will want to move that landing spot closer to the hole because the ball will come up higher into the air and usually stop faster after it lands. This adjustment will take some practice to become comfortable with, so try hitting some chip shots in the practice area at your local course to learn how much roll out to expect on these kinds of chips.
  • Don’t rush the shot. A chip shot off of an upslope is a particularly easy shot to hit fat and leave short of the green. Because of that, you need to make sure you are taking plenty of time during the swing of the club to make solid contact with the ball. If you rush, it is far more likely that you will contact the ground too early and hit the shot fat. A good rhythm and smooth tempo is the key to handling this shot successfully on a consistent basis.