Advice On Short Game Club Selection That Each Golf Player Should Remember

There is a section of the golfing community that believes that a golfer’s shot playing skill is all that matters. What they fail to understand is that a golfer must also be good at club selection. The short game (i.e.) the shots that you play around the green, is complicated and tricky. It demands utmost accuracy and selecting the right club to play the short game will give you the best chance to hit an accurate shot. In this article we’ll share with you some useful suggestions on short game club selection.

The lie determines the club selection

The decision on the type of club to use must depend on the shot you’re about to play. In golf, you almost never play the same shot twice. The lie, the weather conditions, and the landscape make each shot unique. Out of the three elements given above the most crucial one that influences the type of shot to play and the right club to execute that shot is the lie.

For instance, if you’re to hit the ball out of the bunker to a tough putting green, instead of a flop shot, it would be better to select the sand wedge and play the pitch shot. Similarly, if you’re to hit the ball that sits on a rough just on the collar of the green, you may want to use the 8-iron, but to dig the ball off the thick rough the ideal club to select would be the gap or sand wedge.

The landing spot determines the club selection

The landing spot and the behavior of the ball after landing also determine the type of club to use. If you want the ball to land close to the hole and then roll for the rest of the length, then you need the short game club that’s ideal to carry out the pitch or chip shot.

Also, what is necessary is a good understanding of the different types of short game clubs. You need to be familiar with the loft that the clubs can give and the roll each club will create after landing on the green. It would take you some time to master this element of club selection.

Keep it simple

Golf legends and professionals make do with just a handful of short game clubs for different types of shots. Some experts suggest carrying just 3 clubs for shots around the green. Ideally the sand wedge, pitching wedge, and 8-iron will work out fine for short game shots, but you can select any 3 clubs depending on your understanding of the game. Having a lesser number of clubs to select will also reduce confusion.