How To Grip Your Club To Make A Solid Flop Shot In Golf

A flop shot is hard enough to make even for those who know how to grip their clubs properly. If you wish to perfect this shot and practice it correctly, you must check whether you have the basics in order. Gripping the club correctly prior to your flop shot can and will make all the difference in the shot being played right or wrong.

More flexible wrist

Appropriate to its name, the flop shot will require you to rubberize your wrists and ‘pop’ the ball high up into the air and onto the fairway or green. While your grip should be firm (discussed further in the next paragraph), your wrists must have a lot of flex; so bear this in mind when taking your grip.

A stronger left hand grip

As mentioned, flexible wrists do not negate the fact that your hands must be tightly gripped around the club handle. The left hand should be firmer than the right because it enables you to properly direct your swing correctly. It’s your main control hand and will determine where your clubface meets the ball, as well as how high it travels.

Accommodate a long swing

The point of a flop shot is to get height and spin on your ball in order to escape a bunker or water hazard directly in front. Because you want to achieve height, a full swing is necessary—and your grip should accommodate for such a swing. Pull your back swing all the way up and end your stroke with your clubface equally high in front. If done correctly, the flex in your wrist and the technique you use will transfer all that power to height instead of distance.

Hands in line with the ball

Finally, take a look at your grip just before making your swing. Are your hands directly in line with the ball? If not, adjust the position of your grip until they are. This will be one of those shots where your grip should not be pushed forward. It’s difficult to perform a flop shot unless your hands are lined up with the ball.

Use these four points as a checklist before making your flop shot. See if your ability to perform this shot improves. If not, keep practicing until your grip harmonizes with making a proper flop shot.