Why You Should Go to Madeira on Your Next Golf Trip to Portugal

There are various reasons to choose Madeira for your next golf vacation. You can play golf near the Oceanside and explore a number of different golf courses available in the area. While this area may be small, it offers a huge opportunity for golfers to get their game on. This beautiful area offers something for everyone. As you learn more about your golf options you may get a better idea of what you see yourself doing upon your arrival. Here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting Madeira on your next golf vacation to Portugal.

Great Selection of Golf Courses

There are a few golf courses that offer great experiences for golf including the Palherio, Porto Santo and the Santo da Serra. Each course has its own unique element and golfers of different play levels will find something to enjoy. Some courses offer steep slopes, great ocean views and golf lessons you can schedule in advance. Some courses are small in size which is great for beginners and seasoned players. You can check handicap requirements and options for children before your visit.

Golf Packages Available at a Price You Can Afford

There are several golf packages available for vacation spots in Madiera. You are able to plan a full getaway including a few rounds of golf at an affordable price. While some golfers plan their trip with a golf package, this is an option. There are hotels nearby that offer comfortable accommodations. The golf courses available have variations in green fees. In some cases you may be able to find discounts and special offers when booking early in advance. Check with the golf course you want to visit and review details outline in your golf package.

A Great Option When You Can’t Play Golf at Home

When you want to getaway and play golf somewhere different with great weather climate, Madiera is a good option. You can view mountains, the ocean, beaches and so much more. The food and entertainment is a highlight many travelers enjoy. There are other activities to do aside from playing golf including swimming, nature walks and sightseeing. Learn why thousands of previous tourists recommend Madiera for your next golf vacation. Few have already booked their trip to return again in the near future.