4 Bunker Shot Drills That Can Help You Cut A Few Strokes Off Your Score

The more strokes you get on your score the worse the game becomes for you. This is perhaps common sense to a lot of people who have been playing golf for a while. However, not everyone gets this. For the beginner players, this can pretty much be something that they do have a torrid time with.

The bunker shot is one of the worst experiences that any player would love to get in on. If you are still learning the ropes of the game, landing in the bunker will pretty much kill your effort for the day. It will take a lot of courage and unique style for you to step up from the bunker and play your shots right.

In order to help you ease off some of this pressure, we will address some simple drills that you can perfect during your training sessions herein, and spare yourself the blushes next time. Here goes:

  • Play with the sand

  • Perfect stance

  • Get your balance

  • Focus on the target

Play with the sand

Not so many players understand this simple trick, but those who do will tell you that it always works. If and when you land in the bunker, do not be in a hurry to send the ball out of the bunker with the club. On the contrary, let the sand lift the ball up instead. You are supposed to strike just underneath the ball, and scoop some sand with the stroke, to get the perfect result.

Perfect stance

You must exert a good stance on this ball before you begin. Address the ball properly. Make sure that there is a straight line between you and the ball, and then set yourself up for the shot, and take it precisely.

Get your balance

There is no more a shot that requires balance on the course than this one. It is important to understand this, not just for the sake of the shot, but also for the sake of your esteem. You would not want to hit the ball, lose your balance and fall down, much to the chagrin of those who are watching.

Focus on the target

As you are playing this shot, keep a close eye on the target. A lot of the players who get into the bunker lose concentration and focus on the target, which eventually costs them dearly.