How to Find a Professional Golf Tutor

Learning the game of golf from a professional is probably the fastest path toward improving your game and having more fun on the course. The golf swing is more complicated than it looks, so if you can learn directly from an experienced and knowledgeable tutor, you will have a big advantage. Golf lessons can usually be taken at a time that is convenient for you, and are often offered in a series so you can learn progressively as you move along. Finding the right professional golf tutor for you can take a little bit of time, but it should be a pretty easy process.

Following are a few tips for how you can find a golf tutor to work with when you are ready to try and take the next step in your game.

  • Check your local course. This is the best place to start, and probably where most golfers find their golf teacher or tutor. Most golf courses have at least one or two golf pros on staff who offer lessons on-site. Ask in the pro shop about what kind of lesson rates and packages they offer, and ask if you can speak with the instructor. It helps to talk with them briefly about their teaching style, and what your goals are. If you think you might work well together with one of the teachers, consider starting with just one lesson to see how it goes before you commit to more.
  • Search online. If you aren’t sure what course you should go to near you, try searching online for golf teachers your area. You can contact a few via email or phone call to find out more about what they offer and how much they charge. Once you narrow your list down to a couple candidates you can take a trip to visit the course in person and meet the teachers that you are considering.
  • Ask a friend. If you have friends who are golfers, ask them who they have taken golf lessons from in the past. Hopefully, you will get a couple of good recommendations that you can use to start picking one for yourself. Knowing someone who has already taken lessons from the teacher is a great way to get first-hand knowledge about what their experience was like and how much they were helped. With that information in hand, you can work on deciding which local teacher will be best for you.