The Best Method To Achieve Solid Contact With Iron Clubs

Playing the irons is something that almost any other player out there would love to know about. It is one of those situations where you find yourself with an iron club and you just feel like smacking balls left right and center. Well, you have to first of all curtail your desire to smack balls, because there is a technique that you will have to master for you to play with the irons. Of course no one will stop you from doing what you want. In fact, no one will even care what you do.

However, there are people who are concerned, and when they see you making mistakes on the course, they might be willing to point out a few things here and there that you can think about. Other than that, you can also learn from the experience of others, who have faced these challenges in the past, and use this as a means of improving your skills.

If you realize that you are not sending the ball where you want to, and you are still struggling to get the points that you desire, then it is high time you learn about how to make solid contact with your iron clubs.

The following are some useful ideas that should send you in the right direction as you strive to improve on your game:

  • Focus at address

  • Release the club slowly

  • Swing the club, do not hit

Focus at address

Most of the players who struggle with this tend to lose their focus at the address position. When in this position, you are supposed to relax. Do not worry yourself about anything else. Do not tense up your muscles at all either. Just relax, and let your hands do the work for you.

Release the club slowly

Once you are relaxed, next you need to think about how you are releasing the club. Most of the players, particularly beginner players, end up swinging the club too fast and generating a lot of power than they need. This is the easiest way for you to mess up and send the ball the wrong way. Slowly raise the backswing, and bring it down with precision.

Swing the club, do not hit

Let the club do all the work for you. Your strength has no role to play here, other than allowing you to guide the club appropriately.