Golf Putting Tips For Players Who Want To Be Professionals

On the greens is where the professionals really distinguish themselves from the amateurs. Many top amateur players can hit the ball as well as the professionals but around the greens and on the putting surface, the top players play a different game.

Here are some tips that will help take your putting to an elite level:

  • Learn to let go
  • Analyze less and be freer. The problems with most good players is that they deliberate too much. They know too much about reading greens and the technique of putting so their head is full of information and this can lead to paralysis by analysis. The trick is to go the other way and be almost carefree in the way you putt. Don't even bend down to read the green, just walk up to the ball and decide either right side or left side of the hole. Every golfer has had that hot run where they don't think; they just walk up to the putt and stroke it in the middle. The secret is to have that same attitude even when you are not on a hot streak.

  • The Eyes have it
  • Practice putting with your eyes looking at the hole rather than the ball. Think of when you go bowling - your eyes are not on the bowling ball in your hand, they are looking at your target, in this case the pins. Try to do the same with your putting but only for putts of two feet to ten feet long. Some of the top players such as Jordan Speith and Jason Day already putt this way. I predict that every player will putt this way in the future.

  • Buy a Magic Wand
  • If you really want to be a professional, you should really get your putter right. What that means getting the lie right and the length right so that your posture over the ball is not too crouched over or too upright. You also need to get the loft right depending on how far your hands are behind the ball when you putt so you don't drive the ball into the turf.

Get your putter measured and fitted perfectly at a club fitting facility.

Apply the three tips above and you will soon be putting they eyes out of the ball and rolling the ball in from all angles.