How To Play Golf Like A Pro: Course Management Essentials

Certainly, the dream of every single golfer in the world would be to play like a Tour professional. However, you must understand that these guys do not only excel in their skills in playing the game, they are amazing when it comes to course management. Perhaps your skills might not reach their level, but your course management abilities can certainly be as good as they are; you just need to know the right things!

Smile ALL the time

No matter what happens, your mindset should always remain positive. You may hit the ball in the water down the left, but that doesn’t matter. The shot’s gone and there’s nothing you can do about it. Smile and laugh it off! That’s what you can do and that’s what the best players do. This would certainly help your game.

Avoid hazards at all costs

If you know the rules of golf, then you would know that hitting the ball in hazards could potentially cost you a one shot penalty. You don’t want that and you must avoid the hazards all the time. Assess where the hazards are and then aim away from it. Never ever take hazards into play unless it is absolutely necessary!

If necessary you could even lay-up your ball and put yourself in better position so that you can try and salvage a par at times.

Don’t try and be a hero

If you have seen Tiger Woods pull off some of the most miraculous shots in the world, don’t even try and recreate that! For one, he’s Tiger Woods and arguable the best golfer in the world, and second, it is not worth the risk unless you are playing for a million dollars!

Always make the most sensible decisions and that would keep a few strokes off your scorecard. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Do not go for every single flagstick

Making birdies and eagles is very tempting and attractive. It is going to make your scorecard look great as well. However, if it doesn’t turn out as you have expected it, then it could equate to trouble. You could even walk off with a triple bogey so it’s not worth going for every single flagstick. Assess all the conditions before you try and go for the pin! That’s what the pros do. Sometimes, they leave the ball in strategic positions and give themselves a chance to make par instead. Be sensible!