How To Make Blocked Drives A Thing Of The Past

When the club comes down too much from the back while moving forward, this can lead to creating a blocked drive. In many cases the ball may end up going in the opposite direction or away from your target. Instead of swinging toward the target you may end up sending the ball to the right of it. This may have something to do with how you setup for shot and feet placement behind the ball. How you swing also plays a role especially when you are not swinging along the target line. Here are some points to help stop blocked drives.

Pay Attention to Swing Path of Clubhead

The swing path of your clubhead is important. It is the path the player follows as they swing their club to make contact with the ball. This path continues on after contact is made. Players should consider how they make their move when swinging. The golfer should consider their swing path by paying attention to where their clubhead starts as it comes down from the backswing. The club should swing back inside and create an arc shape. As you come down you should follow through on your target line. This means the clubhead should ride the line straight. The target line is invisible but you should imagine the line in front of you in line with the ball.

Pay Attention to Your Stance and Ball Position

Your stance is an important element of blocked drives. In some cases the golf’s stance is too wide or too narrow. You can practice this element to understand results and get an idea of what you should do when taking such shots. The ball position should be back in your stance but not too far. This is another problem many golfers do’ the ball is back too far so when you take your shot the ball isn’t able to move a far or you just end up missing the ball as you swing through.

Watch Hip Rotation and Downswing Movement

How your body moves through the shot is also important. Too much movement from other areas can make your swing more than what it needs to be. Your hips should move forward as they rotate. The problem is for many players are this element occurs too soon. Timing is crucial but as you practice you will see when contact should be made and when the rotation occurs to create a smooth follow through with contact.