What Is The Best Season To Have Golf Holidays In The Algarve?

The best season to enjoy a golf holiday in Algarve is when it is the most convenient and affordable for you. This means you can learn about deals and discounts all year round and decide to take advantage when it is best for you. Here is what you need to know about the best season to have a golf holiday in beautiful Algarve.

Season Hints

Do you have an idea of when it is best to visit Algarve to play a round of golf? Even though golf season is popular among avid golfers to travel here, you may be surprised at when it is best to play. Here is a basic summary of when golf courses are open for business and when players are more likely to take advantage.

  • In March golf courses start to pick up in visitors and bookings. The weather is starting to improve and many golf courses start running promotions for Easter. Booking tee time for this month may be difficult unless done early in advance.

  • In April a number of golf courses are busy, but feature great playing weather. This month is thought to be the fourth busiest out of the year for golf courses throughout Algarve.

  • In May many golf courses experience high volume of visitors and is considered a very busy time. Few courses are known to charge higher green fees. It is recommended to book well in advance before the month of May to play during the month.

  • In June there are special summer promotions offered by a number of golf courses. Some are not as busy as others but the weather in the region is considered much warmer.

  • Months July and August tend to be quiet, but many organizations and charities enjoy tournament competitions. Weather wise these months are considered the warmest with many tee times booked late in the day or early in the morning.

  • Months September and October are very busy and it is recommended to book tee time well in advance. Some courses run promotions but for a limited time. Some hotels also run special promotions during this time as it is consider high season. The weather is cooler and more comfortable.

  • During the months of November, December, January and February, most golf courses are quiet or slow. Cheap green fee rates are available, but some courses may be closed for maintenance. The month of January offers lowest fees.