Easy Tricks To Help You Organize Golf Breaks In Vilamoura

When the Internet was not a necessity as it is today, dudes used to hit the golf destinations with a duffel bag packed in haste, a trunk filled with golf clubs, shoes, golf bag, a pocket guide, and a copy of Golf Digest. However, that was back in 90s. Today, you can plan your trip much better with buddies from all over the world.

Head of the trip

While it makes sense to count the opinion of every person included in the trip, there should be one person who takes charge for everything. This helps simplify the decisions to be taken and expenses to be done. The person can solicit advice and inputs, but the last decision should be left to him/ her only.


Sit together with the trip members and decide the golf locations you want to visit in Vilamoura. There are abundant courses in the region. You must decide beforehand whether you want to visit the ‘must play’ golf courses or settle for lesser- known courses. Agree according to the majority of people. Do not impose things on people who do not agree; you can try convincing them in a better way.


Budget is something that varies with everyone. Even if some people are willing to spend excessively on everything, you must make a budget according to the comfort of every member.


You must research well about the activities you plan to do in Vilamoura. Apart from golf, you can engage in other outdoor activities, but do not forget to make prior bookings. If you are not willing to research, you can hire tour operators.

Compare various options

You may find recommendations for various golf courses, hotels, etc. You might get confused on which recommendation to rely. Look for most professional recommendations and ask your friends for references, if they can give any.


You must structure your trip in such a manner that all members can deal with the tour operators directly for paperwork, payments, etc. This will let everyone have faith and sense of control, even if one person is in charge to do all this.

The last few things to consider

Once the golf tour is booked and deposits are made, you must consider a few things in the end:

  • You must check your tee times 4-5 months prior to your trip.

  • Confirm your tee times by calling the golf course

  • Confirm your hotel bookings and room categories

  • Confirm your transportations