You Can Use Your Body to Gain More Power in Golf

Want to find more power off the tee so you can see your ball sail down the fairway – and past your playing competitors? The answer may be hiding in the way you use your body in the swing. Most amateur golfers don’t use their body correctly during the swing, and therefore are leaving a ton of power potential unused. If you watch a professional golf tournament on TV, you will see swings which take advantage of body motion to develop power and send the club ripping through the ball at impressive speeds.

It will take time and practice to learn how to use your body right, but it can be done. Start small by hitting shots with your short clubs until you get comfortable with the motion and the timing and can move up into your longer clubs.

  • The body leads from the top. After your backswing is completed and the club is set at the top, your legs and torso – not your arms – should initiate the movement down into the ball. A common mistake is to simply ‘throw’ the club down at the ball from the top of the swing, causing a weak action that often creates a slice. Use your legs to drive the rest of your body through the ball and whip the club around into a finish position.
  • Rotate, don’t slide. Sliding back and forth during your swing will get you nowhere in golf. In order to generate real power that can help you outdrive your buddies, you want to think about your swing as a rotation movement. Try to keep your weight centered during the backswing, and move slightly toward the target in your downswing while unwinding at the same time. A solid, balanced address position will make it much easier to rotate through the ball.
  • Engage your legs at address. To build a powerful swing, make sure you have good knee flex at address so your legs are engaged and ready to get to work. Standing up to your shot with straight legs will discourage your lower body from getting involved, and cause you to make a weak swing with just your hands and arms. Feel like you are getting into an athletic position at address so your lower body is ready to do its part when the time comes. The amount of knee flex will vary from golfer to golfer, so find a position that feels comfortable to you and stick with it.