5 Golf Drills For Hitting More Accurate Putts

If you are new to the game of golf, it probably hasn’t taken you long to realize how strategic the game can become. While distance and technique are of utmost importance, accuracy and aim can easily win or lose a game. The following five techniques—if implemented into your golf drills—will improve your accuracy in aiming, as well as help you to place the ball in strategic spots.

  1. Clubface – Square or closed?
  2. Clubfaces that look square may not necessarily be square. During your golf drills, monitor whether your ball is heading towards your desired target. If not, experiment by opening your clubface a little bit. It may be that from where you are looking, your clubface is square; but looks can be deceiving.

  3. An excellent aiming tip
  4. You’ll be surprised how deceptive a distant target can be. Your judgment for aiming the ball should always be checked by doing a simple exercise that has helped many beginners and professionals alike.

    This technique involves aiming for a target that is closer than your actual target. In other words, it’s easier to line up a nearby target with distant target, and then aim for the nearby target as a tester. If your feet are facing the right direction, it’s easier this way to see that you’ll hit your distant target without a problem.

  5. How to stop your shot from bouncing
  6. Adding a spin in order to prevent a bounce is just as important when talking about accuracy. Bouncing can put your ball where you didn’t intend and ruin your shot. Do some drills that include a spin and watch your control and accuracy skills go up.

  7. Distance from the ball
  8. Standing the correct distance from the ball will soon become an instinctive practice—but only if you have all your other techniques in place. So, to start with, do the following:

    • Aim your clubface correctly (use tip one to do this right)
    • Point the front of your feet toward the target (use tip two to do this more accurately)
    • Now let your distance from the ball be determined by what feels comfortable to you

    Your distance from the ball shouldn’t be over thought. Your position should feel natural so do a few dummy swings to make sure you feel at ease with where you are standing.

  9. Accuracy in shot power
  10. Knowing how to harness your shot power is another way to ensure better accuracy. Getting good distance on your shots means nothing unless you can control them, so learn to tone down your power whenever necessary.