Spending Golf Holidays in Portugal: How to Select the Best Resort

Portugal boasts a vast array of golfing packages and destinations. Many of these cater for groups of golfing friends, while others are more geared for the whole family. Your selection process should keep some of the following factors in mind.

What’s the point of your stay?

Business or pleasure? Family or friends? Your choice of resort will be largely influenced by the purpose of your visit. Ask yourself what the main point is of going on this golf vacation. Is it to get away from the stress of work and family? Perhaps it’s a romantic getaway for you and your spouse. Let these questions form the choice of resort you settle on. By answering these questions, you can effectively choose a golfing destination that caters for your particular purpose.

Time of year

As most golfers will agree, weather plays an important part of any game or tournament. The weather in Portugal has times of strong winds, relentless rains, and sometimes unbearable heat. However, for most of the year the weather is pleasant and warm. It’s always good to ask the resort you’re considering what the weather is like in that particular area at that particular time of year.

Area guide

While the Northern, mountainous parts of Portugal experience cool weather most of the year, the Western parts are usually hot and humid. While the time of year is a large influence in the weather, the various regions within Portugal also play a big role. Depending on your comfort preferences, choose a resort in an area that’s conducive to your likes.

You can get a comprehensive guide to Portugal’s regions off the web. These will inform you of the various golfing resorts and weather conditions within those regions. Try to avoid resorts that are experiencing windy or wet weather at the time, as this will most certainly dampen your golfing experience.

Who are you travelling with?

Travelling with your romantic partner is way different to travelling with your kids. If it’s a relaxing holiday of golf you’re after, make sure there are other activities for your travel companions. This will of course depend on whether or not you are with fellow golfers; but if not, be sure you choose a resort that offers other options. This will lend you the time you need to enjoy a few games of golf without worrying about the rest of your companions.