Golf Rules You Should Know Well

For the beginning golfer, the rules of golf can be a lot to take in. The golf course is a big place, and there is the potential for a variety of rulings at many locations around the course. In order to really play the game correctly, you need to know the rules and how they apply in specific situations. While it is probably unrealistic to have the entire rule book committed to memory, you can learn many of the most important rules so you will know what to do in the majority of circumstances.

Following are a few rules that you should be sure to know. With this base of knowledge in the back of your mind, you can play a fair round of golf with your friends. Also, it is smart to carry a rule book in your bag for those unique situations not covered by the basics.

  • Only pick up your ball on the putting green. Unless a local rule is in effect, you can only mark, pick up, and clean your ball when it is on the putting green. Even if you don’t have a great lie in the fairway, you will have to hit the shot without moving or adjusting the lie of the ball in any way.
  • Don’t ground the club in bunkers. When you have to venture down into a bunker to play a shot, you can’t place your club down into the sand before starting your swing. You are allowed to ‘wiggle’ your feet into the sand to get better footing, but the club must not touch the sand until you are actually hitting the shot.
  • No mulligans. Despite how some golfers play the game, there are no mulligans allowed under the rules of golf. Once you hit a shot, that shot is added to your score and you have to play the result of the shot. This is one of the reasons that golf is such a challenging game – you only get one chance at each shot.
  • Fourteen clubs is the limit. No matter how many shiny new golf clubs you purchase at the pro shop, only fourteen of them can make their way into your bag during a round of golf. You will have to pick the set of clubs that you feel best suits your game and the course you are playing, and leave the rest at home.