How to Choose a Good Golf Club

Many people tend to choose a new golf club or set of clubs with little to no idea of what they actually want. They know they want clubs that will help them golf better or have a lower handicap although the clubs that claim they will help out a golfer with these areas aren’t what they are cut out to be. Many who are naïve to the game of golfing are drawn to ads that promise longer drives, straighter wings, or more accurate putts without having the knowledge to distinguish between irons, woods, and hybrids or even which is better for them.

The truth is, no matter how good your clubs are or how much of a good fit they are for you, there is nothing in your golf back that will work as well as your swing. With that said, your clubs can make it easier or more difficult to swing your club in the right way to get your ball to your target spot on the fairway. One of the more common rookie mistakes is trying to copy what professional golfers are using. Big name clubs that are extremely expensive will not make you a better golfer alone.

One thing you need to realize is that golf is a game of physics. As an amateur golfer this is something you need to realize and take into consideration. If you are a beginning golfer you need to find clubs that have a low center of gravity. This means that a golf ball can be placed on a point where there is low center of gravity, the tee, where the weight of the golf ball is emphasized. The golf ball is balanced on a tee which is placed directly under its center of gravity. Having a lower center of gravity will keep the ball more stable.

Another tip when choosing the perfect golf club is to find one that has a high level of inertia. The relative difference in how easy or difficult it will be to get the golf ball to move with the force of the club striking when you swing your club in a rotational motion is how inertia is defined. The higher the inertia the less force is required to make the golf ball move. Another thing to consider is your age. Clubs that have a rigid or regular shaft are a better fit for younger, stronger golfers than for older golfers as their strength is just not there. Be very aware that the shaft of the club is not too stiff or you won’t be able to swing with confidence.

Utilize your golf instructor to analyze your specific needs and give you recommendations on the golf clubs they feel fit both your strengths and your needs. Additionally, going to a professional sports store or professional golf store and getting your measurements taken is extremely important as your golf clubs need to be the right length for your arms and need to fit your body build.